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Town Of St. George

UNESCO World Heritage

British sailors shipwrecked here in 1609 while travelling to Jamestown, Virginia, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Picturesque cottages, quaint lanes & narrow alleyways scattered around King's Square. Sights include the Bermuda Old State House, the Old Rectory and St. Peter's Church.



Fort St. Catherine sits between Gates Bay and Achilles Bay, towering above pink-sand beaches and offering sweeping ocean views; inside, comprehensive exhibits and artefacts showcase 17th-century island life. Kids will love exploring the fort’s many tunnels, ramparts and towers.


St. Peters Church

Established when Bermuda was settled by the Virginia Company in 1612, for over 400 years this has been the church of the Town of St George. It is a cultural and historic icon, a holy place at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For our 400th anniversary in 2012, Her Majesty the Queen, as a gift in her Diamond Jubilee year, granted St Peter’s Church the Royal designation “Their Majesties Chappell”, a designation first used for this church in the 1690s during the reign of King William III and Queen Mary II.


Coopers Island

Explore 12 acres of pristine nature reserve to spot seabirds, giant land crabs and ancient Bermuda cedar trees. This secluded area was off-limits for decades: The U.S. military occupied the area and built a battery during WWII, and in the 1960s NASA operated a space tracking station here.